Turbolino pizza


Sanstones accessories and utensils are characterized by their cooking considered like the most healthy and natural. However, we recommend that you follow the following maintenance to keep them in good condition over the long term advice.

Before the first use, it will be important to complete a first wash consisting soak for one or more hours stoneware articles in cold water. Then heat the product in the oven to remove all moisture but be careful to not create a thermal shock.

For daily cleaning of sandstone products, just use warm water and a sponge. Detergents should not be used with abundance because they could penetrate the material. However, the rational use of these products is possible if the product is rinsed immediately.

After cleaning and before placing your product in a dry and ventilated place, be sure to make the utensil in the open air to dry completely. If the product includes a lid, it must not be completely closed.

What to avoid: Do not use sponges, brushes or steel wool too abrasive. This could damage the sandstone. In addition, it will be important to pay attention to thermal shock. Never move the product of a high temperature to a low temperature in a few seconds. Finally, never place stoneware utensils directly on the lights without using a heat diffuser. Review and Questions/Answers 

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Turbolino pizza

turbolino pizza


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