Turbolinks vs pjax

Recently I met with a Senior Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at a large well-known non-profit who is planning to launch a major initiative and he’d narrowed his choices of platform down to two (2): Drupal or WordPress.  On a personal level we hit if off fabulously so if it were just personalities I think he might be inclined to take my recommendation on faith but I sensed he is enough of a real professional that he looks beyond the personality of the advocates to assess the actual best solution for this organization.

All the presentations will be available on YouTube in about a month. For now, you can take a sneak peek by browsing the slide decks: from Rails 6 to Active Storage , from Migrations to Testing , from Upgrades to API , from Router to Contributing , from GraphQL to Performance , from Collaboration to Communication , from Kafka to PostgreSQL , from Warden to Authorization , from Economy to Art , from Bugs to Security , from Containers to Crypto , from Interviews to History , from Teams to Trust , from Shopify to GitHub , from Engines to Crowdsourcing , from Mortality to Life , there was really something for everyone!

Turbolinks vs pjax

turbolinks vs pjax