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30 Sep 2013, Complete Blood Count
Haemoglobin: 130 g/L ( 115 – 155 )
RBC: x10e12/L ( – )
HCT: L/L ( – )
MCV: 87 fL ( 80 – 99 )
MCH: pg ( – )
Platelets: 223 x10e9/L ( 150 – 400 )
WBC: x10e9/L ( – )
Neutrophils: x10e9/L ( – )
Lymphocytes: x10e9/L ( – )
Monocytes: x10e9/L ( – )
Eosinophils: x10e9/L ( < )
Basophils: x10e9/L ( – )
again??????? is this good?????

The $1 billion Carlsbad desalination plant was built in 2015 by IDE in San Diego County, California, after its governor had sought help from Israel to overcome its drought-inflicted water shortage. Jerry Brown declared a drought state of emergency in 2014, which was lifted only in April 2017 for most of the state. But the National Drought Mitigation Center issued a warning the same month that approximately million Californians are still affected by the drought. And, it’s not a matter of if, but rather when, droughts will hit the state again.

There really isn't anything my Husband can do now. Got a long email from Aonm they are the people that work for Armonlab telling him off in a very polite way because she had read what I have said and I'm being very unkind. I have not said one wrong word  about Armin labs I'm sure they are doing a good job, and thank god for them to bring Lyme disease to people's attention. I'm saying we should have been told about the clinic not being accepted yet so there results are worthless until they are. We might have looked else where if we had been told. We would deffenatly have had the test done there otherwise. He was tested positive for chronic active infection with Ehlichia/ Anaplasma & chlamydia pneumonia. And advised to have treatment in the few weeks. Where! I would like to know, the NHS won't recconise the results, have to go private again more money that we can't afford. And the place we wanted to go to Breakspair Hospital won't recognises them. So in the mean time my Husband is very sick with no help from anyone.

Test 400 fight labs steroid

test 400 fight labs steroid


test 400 fight labs steroidtest 400 fight labs steroidtest 400 fight labs steroidtest 400 fight labs steroidtest 400 fight labs steroid