Tbol dht

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Naps is a great supplier that I have been using now for years. They have come through with my order every time. This time my order consisted of the following...
Andromix (50mg/ml Tren A, 50mg/ml Test Prop, 50mg/ml Drostanolone Prop)
GP Sust 270
Tren A
Equipose 200
GP Stan(Oral Wini)
For my 10wk cycle I ran 1ml of Tren A, 1ml of sust 270 and 1ml of Equipose once a week(Monday). I then spot injected 1ml of Andromix on Wednesday and Friday using a insulin pin rotating around my body. I also took 50mg of GP Stan every day for 8 weeks starting on week 2 and 1ml of eblocker every day. I also ran 3iu of HGH every day and 500iu of HCG every week.
This was a winter cycle and I know that most people like to bulk up during the winter and cut in the spring. However, I used this as a cutting cycle because I have a bad history of getting fat in the winter. I'm 6ft tall and muscular, but I also don't want to "look like I'm on steroids". On average I usually weigh in around 205 to 210lbs. On this cycle I cut all the way down to 186lbs. I haven't weighed that low in 20 years. I had amazing definition and a great set of abs and very vascular.
All the gear I order from Naps is excellent. I was unsure of using premix (Andromix), but I'm glad I did. I had to draw it up with a 18g needle, but I was able to inject it into the muscle with a 27g 5/8 needle(no worries about tren cough).
I can't say enough about Naps, great gear, great prices, great discounts and I have never been so much as shorted 1 pill.

Tbol dht

tbol dht


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