Tbol cycle tnation

If you aren’t making progress right now, I guarantee if you fix the above three you will see something. Hell, maybe it’s time to change programs. I don’t believe in training ADD, but even Thibs advocates changing programs periodically. Throwing pills down your throat won’t magically make things better, you still have to train properly and eat for the weight you want to gain and maintain. If you haven’t outlined a change in your training and diet plan for this “cycle”, then you definitely shouldn’t be using anything, let alone a double-oral-only.

So I've read.
Like to know where you read that BTW...Logic indicates that a proper PCT, taking into account the SHBG factor, should alleviate the problem and help keep most of the gains ...The problem is that I can find no place or no one who appears to have the knowledge as to what a proper Turinabol PCT would be ...The irrational hostility and predjudice toward oral only cycles seems to be a factor in this unreasonable lack of help on this problem...It's similar to any form of bigotry: "Hey I have to suffer with injectables so you need to suffer too, or you are a pussy" mentality...It never seems to occur to these types that there may be a legitimate reason why a RecBB may want to do, or is limited to, an oral only cycle ...I sincerely hope that someone knowledgeable here will have both the stones and open mind to help his brothers out, quit with the Guru mystic selfishness, and simply expound on a proper PCT for an OT cycle and have done with it f'crissake! (After all, a lot of you lugs have no problem advising FBB's about their oral Anavar cycles...Is that it? Sexism? Oral only cycles are only for "girls" and not for "real men" who should shed blood for their muscle enhancement? Would you have said that to the 70's BB's who used to gulp D-Bols only?...Altogether a pretty ignorant point of view if so, and you people know who you are, so if the shoe fits)...

Tbol cycle tnation

tbol cycle tnation