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I am sure he is not juice may be on and off . At the age of 41 its not possible to have that conditioning. People those who are supporting jeff are those people who want to listen what they want. They thing that they can achieve this kind of phesique naturally and thats y they are supporting him. But sooner or later they will end with not even close to results like jeff and then they will say “ oh its genetics, every body is different”. No matter what they will make some or the other excuse to make jeff right. Try to understand youtube is a business. No one does is for free for someone. So he has to look good in order to attract viewers and get clients. He will always say he is natty. We always dream a body which is not achievable naturally and that is o ky the reason we get demotivated and stop doing workout. We have to accept our natural potential and limits and work according to that. Naturally i doubt . No one can make a phesiqyue like jeff unless and untill he or she is genetic freak and jeff is not genetic freak as he said in his previous videos. So apply some logic brothers

My OH is 48 and has been bodybuilding on and off since he was 16, but recently got back into it, with his son and they bodybuild together. My OH came across Chris Jones on YouTube and showed me a couple of his videos, and we both like him. He talks a lot of sense and puts a lot of things into perspective, and I for one am a fan. I have been inspired to take up bodybuilding even though I am a 30 year old woman, and Chris Jones has been invaluable in the advice his youtube videos have given us. He clearly works hard to achieve the way he looks so I don’t see why there is this article. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I think this is just jealousy.

Steroids results forum

steroids results forum


steroids results forumsteroids results forumsteroids results forumsteroids results forumsteroids results forum