Steroids drug pills

For decades, the media has presented false information about best legal steroids. It is understandable because some journalists do not carry out due diligence before presenting their stories. They simply rely on hearsay, myths, and urban legends. However, there are those journalists who always go out of their ways to establish solid facts, which they use as the basis of their stories. Such journalists interview scientists and doctors with the goal of finding out more about steroids. They also read the leading scientific journals in the world during the course of preparing news reports about steroids.

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What are the ill effects of Steroids?
Since the short term use of anabolic steroid can bring amazing results in the life of people, they do the cardinal sin of prolonging the use of steroids in their life, and that’s when the bad side effects of steroids start showing after a while. These disturbing side effects could include acne, high blood pressure, raised cholesterol levels and even cause impotency in many cases. Steroids can also make people irritable and aggressive, could also increase male characteristics in women and female characteristics in men. The risk with steroids is that people using them often take many times the prescribed dosage to get faster results, which raises the side effects and risks exponentially.

Steroids drug pills

steroids drug pills


steroids drug pillssteroids drug pillssteroids drug pillssteroids drug pillssteroids drug pills