Steroids classification ppt

The functions of assessment and monitoring are closely linked to the concepts of severity, control, and responsiveness to treatment:

Severity: the intrinsic intensity of the disease process. Severity is most easily and directly measured in a patient who is not receiving long-term control therapy. Severity can also be measured, once asthma control is achieved, by the step of care (., the amount of medication) required to maintain control.

Control: the degree to which the manifestations of asthma are minimized by therapeutic intervention and the goals of therapy are met.

Responsiveness: the ease with which asthma control is achieved by therapy.

Used correctly steroids and SARMS won’t have a lasting negative impact on your body, in fact why is injecting testosterone approved by the FDA if the risks outweigh the benefits? As well as the SARMS approved for use in all sorts of highly sensitive patient populations (HIV and Cancer victims to address muscle wasting). All of these people with negative steroids and SARM stories have one thing in common. They didn’t know how to use them correctly, they don’t have the education (on biological processes/nutrition/health) or resources to. I know several steroid users (I’m roommates with a couple) that look nearly completely natural (nearly bc they look just too good), feel amazing and look great even after their cycles end. No acne or hair loss, or high bp, because they have addressed all of these concerns correctly. But this costs money, and I think that’s where the bulk of the risk comes into play. Not the PEDs themselves, but the way in which they are used.

Steroids classification ppt

steroids classification ppt


steroids classification pptsteroids classification pptsteroids classification pptsteroids classification pptsteroids classification ppt