Steroid injection in ear for meniere's

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As of July 2012, a visit to the National Library of Medicine’s search engine, PubMed, revealed 497 research articles concerning AIED disease published since 1964 with eleven of these published in the last year. In spite of this moderate effort by the medical research community, AIED disease remains a chronic, incurable disorder that causes progressive disability to both hearing and balance. At the American Hearing Research Foundation (AHRF) , we have funded basic research on similar disorders in the past , and are interested in funding research on AIED in the future. We are particularly interested in projects that might lead to methods of stopping progression of hearing loss and the disabling attacks of dizziness. Get more information about contributing to the AHRF’s efforts to detect and treat acoustic neuroma.

Anti-inflammatory steroids and radiofrequency ablation procedures are both common ways to treat neck pain due to facet joint and other injuries. Steroid injections are riddled with side effects, are toxic to stem cells, and can be less and less effective at eliminating pain with each treatment. A radiofrequency ablation (RFA) procedure uses a heated probe to burn away the nerves around the damaged facet joint. The thought is that by destroying the nerve this will stop the pain because the pain can no longer be transmitted to the brain. There is research to support RFA for chronic neck pain due to a damaged facet joint, but burning nerves creates some problems, including creating more damage in the joint since you can’t feel the pain (a Charcot joint), more-frequent and long-term treatments to address returning pain, and more severe pain when it does return.

Steroid injection in ear for meniere's

steroid injection in ear for meniere's


steroid injection in ear for meniere'ssteroid injection in ear for meniere'ssteroid injection in ear for meniere'ssteroid injection in ear for meniere'ssteroid injection in ear for meniere's