Steroid eye drops for pain

If your GP, specialist, or dentist, suggest you may have either Sjogrens disease or syndrome, the British Sjogrens Syndrome Association can advise. This is a self-help organisation for people with Sjogrens Syndrome. It aims to spread information about the disease and how to alleviate it's symptoms. Its quarterly newsletter provides a regular updating of information on current research and a forum for the exchange of views on how best to cope with the problems of living with Sjogren's syndrome.

Hi: This is heart breaking indeed. So, the bad news is that cataracts have begun to form, especially in one eye. The good news is that your horse still has sight out of one good eye and some sight out of the eye with the cataract. Research on Can-C reports that application of the Can-C eye drops as directed results in about 95% improvement in the subjects that were studied. Subjects have been dogs and humans – not horses – but researchers concluded that the Can-C helps reverse cataracts in all mammals including horses in, again, 95% of the cases. So, it is certainly worth a try, especially to insure that the good eye remains clear of a cataract.

Steroid eye drops for pain

steroid eye drops for pain


steroid eye drops for painsteroid eye drops for painsteroid eye drops for painsteroid eye drops for painsteroid eye drops for pain