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I agree with the point of your post, and certainly the criticism of these sorts of studies. I’ll point out, though, that your dismissal of replication-by-TV-show, or YouTube, sounds just like others’ criticism of your blog posts for being non-peer-reviewed and therefore not part of “real” scientific discourse. You’ve (justifiably) complained about these criticisms in the past. If you believe that we should assess scientific communication by its actual quality and not its medium, impact factor, etc., then this needs to apply uniformly — . you need to write what you think is done badly in the BBC experiment, and not dismiss it because it’s on TV. (I haven’t seen the show, nor do I care to. I have, however, had my students extract very good data from a Mythbusters episode to infer things about thermodynamics!)

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Spencer matthews steroids

spencer matthews steroids


spencer matthews steroidsspencer matthews steroidsspencer matthews steroidsspencer matthews steroidsspencer matthews steroids