Plantar fasciitis steroid injection risk

This may be considered in very difficult cases. Surgery is usually only advised if your pain has not eased after 12 months despite other treatments. The operation involves separating your plantar fascia from where it connects to the bone; this is called a plantar fascia release. It may also involve removal of a spur on the heel bone (calcaneum) if one is present. Surgery is not always successful. It can cause complications in some people so it should be considered as a last resort. Complications may include infection, increased pain, injury to nearby nerves, or rupture of the plantar fascia.

Interesting that you don’t mention what I find to be the #1 cause of plantar fascitis. It is trigger points in the soleus muscle which cannot be stretched in the same manner that is used to stretch the other calf muscle (the gastrocnemius). You can work the foot and heeel all day long and not resolve the problem until you get rid of the triggr points in the soleus and learn how to stretch it properly.
I am a massage therapist and you don’t even mention seeing this group of professionals who can be very helpful in working with someone. Massage the calf; do NOT massage the foot. Once you have gotten rid of the trigger points and gotten the calf muscles in good shape you can then massage the foot…..but chances are you wont’ need to. It will have become a non-issue.

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Plantar fasciitis steroid injection risk

plantar fasciitis steroid injection risk


plantar fasciitis steroid injection riskplantar fasciitis steroid injection riskplantar fasciitis steroid injection riskplantar fasciitis steroid injection riskplantar fasciitis steroid injection risk