Muscle atrophy after steroid injection

She also stated a nagging “stretch” sensation in her left hip. After telling her history and beginning the evaluation, it was clear why she was in so much pain. For one, her left pelvic joint was significantly rotated, causing a “stretch” sensation to her hip. However, the most memorable finding was that every single tissue along her low back, left glutes and hamstrings were extremely tender to light touch. I was barely touching her, yet her pain was reflexive, reactive and high. Her connective tissue was trying to stabilize, move and do the work of the lazy glutes and leg muscles. Her muscle atrophy pain was the very end result of her pelvis getting rotated after the fall. Talk about a cascade of events!

For example, muscle disuse atrophy that occurs with knee injuries is more common in the quadriceps than in the hamstring muscles. The quadriceps muscles are anti-gravity muscles, whereas the hamstrings are not. In addition, most injuries that require knee immobilization maintain the knee in an extended position, which puts the quadriceps in a shortened position while the hamstrings are lengthened. 8 Pain avoidance from an injury also leads to disuse atrophy. It is remarkable how quickly disuse atrophy may develop, and muscles affected by it will rapidly lose significant strength. 14

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Muscle atrophy after steroid injection

muscle atrophy after steroid injection


muscle atrophy after steroid injectionmuscle atrophy after steroid injectionmuscle atrophy after steroid injectionmuscle atrophy after steroid injectionmuscle atrophy after steroid injection