Listeroid engine fuel consumption

I swapped email with Jeff this AM,  April 30, 2003, we talked a little about  Biodiesel and Jeff's affection for it.  Jeff explained that the area he lives in doesn't have an abundance of wind, or solar.  Biodiesel is nothing more than liquid sunshine, and it allows a person to utilize alternative power where other means are not practical.  Jeff also thinks watching the engine run is far more interesting than watching Solar Panels do their work.  If one considers that biodiesel can also be made from waste products, it makes even better sense to put it to use. Making Bio diesel at home does not take rocket science, setting up a Lister to burn straight veggie matter is also possible, I've heard stories of Coconut Mills  being powered by old Listers running straight Coconut oil.  My brother was just telling me there's crops that could produce 500 gallons of oil per acre, I think that's amazing, maybe someday we could tell the Middle East we have far less need for their oil?

Long story short, I spent two weeks researching, cleaning off and aligning timing marks (three of them) and removing access panels and accessories. I would fix this sucker. After all, how hard could it be? Then as I was waiting for the courage to remove what I was sure was the offending pump a man rang my doorbell and asked if I had an Oliver for sale. He needed one. I told him the situation as best I could. He made an offer on the stipulation I put it back together in running condition so he could load it, which I accepted and which I did.

Listeroid engine fuel consumption

listeroid engine fuel consumption


listeroid engine fuel consumptionlisteroid engine fuel consumptionlisteroid engine fuel consumptionlisteroid engine fuel consumptionlisteroid engine fuel consumption