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The Coens directed the 2003 film Intolerable Cruelty , starring George Clooney and Catherine Zeta-Jones , a throwback to the romantic comedies of the 1940s. It focuses on hotshot divorce lawyer Miles Massey and a beautiful divorcée whom Massey managed to prevent from receiving any money in her divorce. She vows to get even with him while, at the same time, he becomes smitten with her. Intolerable Cruelty received generally positive reviews, although it is considered one of the duo's weaker films. [31] Also that year, they executive produced and did an uncredited rewrite of the Christmas black comedy Bad Santa , which garnered positive reviews. [32]

During June 1989, at least fifteen major airlines showed edited versions of Rain Man that omitted a scene involving Raymond's refusal to fly , except on Australia-based Qantas . Those criticizing this move included film director Barry Levinson, co-screenwriter Ronald Bass, and George Kirgo (at the time the President of the Writers Guild of America, West ). "I think it's a key scene to the entire movie," Levinson said in a telephone interview. "That's why it's in there. It launches their entire odyssey across country – because they couldn't fly." While some of those airlines cited as justification avoiding having airplane passengers feel uncomfortable in sympathy with Raymond during the in-flight entertainment, the scene was shown intact on flights of Qantas, and commentators noted that Raymond mentions it as the only airline whose planes have "never crashed". [20] [21] The film is in fact credited with introducing Qantas' safety record to . consumers. [22] [23]

Levinson brothers steroids

levinson brothers steroids


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