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Return to play should be prohibited if there is loss of consciousness, symptoms lasting more than 15 minutes, recurrence of symptoms with exertion, amnesia, or a history of prior concussion. Classification systems for concussions are not based on scientific evidence and advances have included neuropsychological or balance evaluations. These tests are more helpful if baseline data is collected on athletes before they are injured for a set of normative data for each individual. Therefore, a low baseline neuropsychological test would be the athletes standard for comparison and not solely be a reason to disallow return to competition.

The review article by Wojtys et al is a special report of the findings of the 1997 Concussion Workshop, sponsored by the AOSSM, and gave 9 recommendations for improving diagnosis, treatment, and return to play guidelines for athletes with head injuries.

An additional reference by McCrory et al from 2008 is added which describes more recent stricter recommendations regarding return to play. In general, athletes should not return to play the same day after any concussion.

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Landry football steroids

landry football steroids


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