Gout treatment steroid dose

In the same manner, while modifying the eating habit you should know the foods you should avoid. You should avoid high fat foods, red meat and many others to prevent plain up of gout symptoms if you do not have any idea about the food recommended for gout patient s the best thing to do is consult your health provider. You should also drink plenty of water so that the uric acid build up will be diluted. Likewise, it will be easier for the kidney to flush out the excess uric acid from the body. You can also drink cherry juice that is also ideal in lowering the acid uric level.

X-rays are the standard imaging technique for gout (See Figures 12-17: Figure 12: Gout of the Base of the 1st Toe; Figure 13: Gout of the Distal Finger Joints; Figure 14: Gouty Change and Soft Tissue Calcification About the Base of the 1st Toe; Figure 15: Gouty Destruction at Multiple Finger Joints; Figure 16: Gouty Erosion at the Proximal Ulna at the Elbow; Figure 17: Large Tophus Seen as Soft Tissue Mass at the Elbow ) but in special cases, such as when gout needs to be separated from infection or tumor, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) ( Figure 18: MRI of the Knee Showing Gouty Soft Tissue Mass and Erosion of the Kneecap ) or ultrasound ( Figure 19: Power Doppler Study Showing Gouty Inflammation at the Base of the 1st Toe ) will be helpful.

If a gout attack occurs while you are taking allopurinol, you can still take an anti-inflammatory painkiller to relieve the pain. However, this may indicate that you need an increased dose of allopurinol. Side-effects are uncommon with allopurinol. Read the information that comes with the packet of tablets for details about possible side-effects. If side-effects do occur, other medicines with a similar action are sometimes prescribed. For example, a medicine called febuxostat may be an option if you cannot take allopurinol for medical reasons or due to side-effects.

Gout treatment steroid dose

gout treatment steroid dose


gout treatment steroid dosegout treatment steroid dosegout treatment steroid dosegout treatment steroid dosegout treatment steroid dose