East german women's swim team

We will be having a lake clean-up on April 21st from 9- 1 at several locations for cleaning up the lake. We are planning to work with several Cherokee Lake marinas including Lakeside and German Creek (others TBD) that are allowing us the use of their facilities and assisting with the clean-up. 

The lake will be coming up for the summer pool and a lot of garbage will be collecting on our shorelines. Let’s get it cleaned-up for our summer enjoyment and safety. We are in critical need of boats and volunteers for the islands and shorelines litter clean-up. We welcome any communities or organizations that wants to join our effects with the lake clean-up or have their own specific areas that need clean-ups. 

The first competitive swimmer to use goggles was Thomas William Burgess , during his crossing of the English Channel in 1911. His motorcycle goggles leaked water, yet they protected his eyes from water splashes during his breaststroke-only swim. In 1926, Gertrude Ederle also used motorcycle goggles when crossing the Channel. She swam crawl and therefore sealed her goggles with paraffin to render them water tight. Meanwhile, the vast majority of pool swimmers had no eye protection until the late 1960s, which limited their training time due to the eye irritation with disinfectants added to the pool water. When the first commercial goggles were introduced to competitive swimmers in 1968 they were met with limited success because of their fixed and rigid shape. Most swimmers could not fit them to their face and complained about leaks, especially after starts and turns. Only two years later David Wilkie became the first swimmer to use goggles in international pool competitions, at the 1970 Commonwealth Games . [27] Goggles were first allowed at the Olympics in 1976, and many athletes used them in preparation for the 1972 Games. [28]

East german women's swim team

east german women's swim team


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