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The harmonization of standards of living proclaimed in Germany's constitution remains an ongoing goal. But how that goal is achieved will no longer be subject to east-west criteria. The Left Party also cannot divest itself of this development. Its "eastern wing" no longer functions as a society to defend eastern German roots. Young Left Party politicians haven't been influenced by the GDR in a long time, and they don't try to attract support by highlighting competence on "eastern issues." Sahra Wagenknecht, a former supporter of former East German Communist politician Walter Ulbricht, has completed the step out of the eastern niche more clearly than most. Today she simply behaves as a German, both privately and politically.

One case, two finishes and you can choose. The raw case of this British watch has been meticulously blasted with quite a coarse medium increasing the surface area so it will oxidise and stain quickly. These very British watches are designed for those that want the grease of everyday life to change the character of the case over time. Generally in the West we consider patination to be akin to dirt; therefore we polish our doorknobs. In the East, especially Japan, and here at Schofield watches, patination is looked upon with reverence, it is history, charm, age, grace and human.

This was the third raw deal Babashoff suffered through no fault of her own, unless being honest and forthright is to be seen as a fault. In 2004 USA Today described her treatment as “one of the sports media’s most shameful moments,” and indeed it was. Rather than do their jobs of true investigative reporting, as the media had done successfully with such incidents as Watergate and the Pentagon Papers, they took the easy way out and invented a narrative that portrayed the East Germans as a deserving David-like, underdog challenger to the Goliath-like, scornful and snooty Americans—a narrative that of course was welcomed by the East German officials, who must have been toasting each other behind closed doors for having fooled the media into buying

East german watches

east german watches


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