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John W.: Nonesense, the IRS has not been given any such authority. Congress has to authorize that and it has not done so. The IRS, along with the Dept of Labor, could PROPOSE changes to hiring practices, but this requires a period of Public Comments where anyone and their allies/supportes could weigh in and pose objections which they must consider. The next step, would be for these same folks to seek injunctions against these agencies, should they fail to disuade them during the Commments period. Hey and finally, all these snmller companies could say ., everyone is dismissed and they can only come back as independant contractors who are soley responsible for all of their own taxes and insurance since these companies no longer have ’employees’. Now these companies contracting with these newly ‘fired’ folks could offer the use of their accounting software and perhaps a small increase in some sort of incentive pay to ease the sting. This could still be cheaper than paying for insurance. But as of now, there are no new laws or regulations on the books yet to support your claim.

While that was going on, the Zionists in Germany, who represented the Zionists from Eastern Europe, went to the British War Cabinet and — I am going to be brief because this is a long story, but I have all the documents to prove any statement that I make if anyone here is curious, or doesn’t believe what I’m saying is at all possible — the Zionists in London went to the British war cabinet and they said: “Look here. You can yet win this war. You don’t have to give up. You don’t have to accept the negotiated peace offered to you now by Germany. You can win this war if the United States will come in as your ally.”

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East german steroids toll

east german steroids toll


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