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Recent studies produced by historians Christian Booß and Helmut Müller-Enbergs also show domestic surveillance in East Germany went far beyond the Stasi's network of IMs. The two work at the BStU and not long ago, they happened across Stasi informant groups into which hardly any research has been conducted. They found that institutions in which people provided information about others were categorized as POZW -- which stood for "Partner in Political-Operative Cooperation." In contrast to IMs feeding information to the Stasi, these people were not forced to sign a document obliging them to pass along information. But they did so nonetheless. Numerous POZW reports are still in existence -- from banks, for example, or libraries, hospitals, registration offices and judiciary agencies.

The most famous German folk music outside of Germany is Bavaria. Yodeling is one of the most famous stereotypes of German folk artists, but is only found in certain parts of southern Germany today. In the beginning of the 20th century in Europe, there came to be a fear of loss of traditions and of culture, in part thanks to the industrial revolution, which led to the popularity of Bavarian Folk music. Thus, the Bavarian Folk music we hear today is not the same as that of the early 20th century, which was focused on safeguarding tradition. The popularity of Bavarian Folk music reached its height between 1880 and the 1920s, mainly consisting of humorous songs performed in duet or ensemble.

Earl Campbell , the "Tyler Rose", played football for John Tyler High in Tyler before playing for the Texas Longhorns and the Houston Oilers . Don Meredith , who famously played for the Dallas Cowboys , played at Mt. Vernon. Dez Bryant , a football product from Lufkin, is a current wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. Adrian Peterson , a star running back for the Minnesota Vikings , played high school football in Palestine. Other high school sports are popular in East Texas including basketball, baseball, volleyball, softball and track.

East german music

east german music


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