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Dianna’s paternal grandfather was Howard Alan Agron (the son of Jack Agron and Edith Kohn). Howard was born in Oklahoma. Jack was born in Sivers’k, Artemivs’kyi district, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, to a Jewish family, the son of Hillel “Hilya”/”Harry” Agronsky and Sonya Sophie Chernikoff. Edith was born in Kansas, to Jewish parents who immigrated from Eastern Europe, Samuel Kohn and Anna; one census lists them as having been born in Russia, and another census lists them as having been born in Poland.

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He turned the corner onto Marlborough Street, the tree-lined avenue where Teddy Kennedy once kept a residence. A black SUV was parked at the curb far down the block. Behind the wheel was Darryl Hopkins, a down-on-his-luck limo driver who had had the good fortune to pick up a Rockefeller in the rain one day. He had been driving through downtown Boston the previous summer when he spotted the dignified gent — soaking wet, dressed as if he had just been sailing — attempting to flag down a cab. Hopkins screeched to a stop and offered him a lift. Since then, Hopkins and his distinguished passenger had become something of a team. Rockefeller didn't have a driver's license but always seemed to have somewhere he needed to go, and Hopkins was more than happy to provide wheels for him.

East german haircut

east german haircut


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