East german bmw

I've never driven a rotary powered car, but it seems to me like everybody that has owned a well tuned rotary usually ends up a die-hard for the wankel. And for some people, maybe they like the crazy RPMs over torque? Maybe the rotary is cheaper in Australia? Maybe because Ozzy's do things WAY different? Maybe because the car already had the swap in it?
I don't even try to understand why people do certain things to their cars. I just look at them, admire or shake my head, then continue on to the next.
I don't get the whole stance thing. But I just figure, to each their own.

Cheaper Engine Repair Options
If you are considering other companies offering so called ‘re-manufactured’ engines at under £2,000, our advice is to steer clear or do some thorough research. It is likely these engines are not rebuilt, nor re-manufactured – as genuine BMW replacement parts cost over £1,200 for the N47 and more for the M57.
It is more likely that the replacement engine will have been recovered from a damaged car – it’s also likely that it won’t have the modified BMW replacement timing chains, guides and tensioners – so they will just snap again…

East german bmw

east german bmw


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