Do ifbb figure competitors use steroids

I currently go to the University of Central Florida full-time studying Business/Marketing, so I should graduate in about a year. My passion is nutrition/health/fitness, so for my long term goal I would like to launch a supplement/nutrition line. Also, I have ideas for products I would like to create and launch. Three years ago I created ProCakez, which are a decadent meal replacement, so that keeps me busy along with competing and school. Once I graduate, I plan to take ProCakez to the next level and reach out to the masses. As for competing, I plan to continue for as long as my body and minds allows me to. I absolutely love the feeling of stepping on stage, and inspiring others in the process. I am grateful for the journey I am on, and enjoying every minute of it!

ROUND 1/TWO PIECE SWIMSUIT: The contestants, wearing a two piece swimsuit of their choice with high heels, will be brought out in a group of their height class and asked to do their front and rear poses. Then the contestants will perform their individual “ModelWalk” (personal preference) to the center of the stage, stop and do a front stance, do a full turn to do their rear stance, turn to front again, then proceed to the side of the stage. No thong swimsuits will be permitted. Jewelry may be worn in this round. No oil may be worn. The contestants will then present their full front and rear stance with the other contestants in their height class. Judges will score competitors on “Balance and Shape” and overall physical appearance including complexion, skin tone, poise and overall presentation.

Generally when preparing for a competition, I prefer to alter my calorie intake rather than performing copious amounts of cardio. My body type allows for me to only add some cardio during the final weeks of my contest prep, to which I will add Interval Training. This will consist of cardio first thing in the morning, and I will change it up by using the stepper, treadmill, and outdoor training. From previous experience, my body better responds to eliminating certain substances and portion sizes from my meals, and choosing leaner cuts of meat. This allows me to step on stage appearing fuller, with just the right amount of hardness for my specific division.

Do ifbb figure competitors use steroids

do ifbb figure competitors use steroids


do ifbb figure competitors use steroidsdo ifbb figure competitors use steroidsdo ifbb figure competitors use steroidsdo ifbb figure competitors use steroidsdo ifbb figure competitors use steroids