Cortisone steroid shot for dogs

Janelle, I agree completely.
I had heard about the relapse of the injury symptoms before, I think one of the doctors actually told me about it. I think it usually happens because you feel better so you tend to jump right back into what caused their problem in the first place.
And if you need 4 cortizone injections your doctor isn’t very good. If one doesn’t work then you might try a second in hopes that it finds the affected area more accurately. No way should they try 3 or 4 – you should try something else.
I’ve had about a 75% success rate, thus, I like them. They’re a quick easy fix IF they work. I think I just have weak tendons and ligaments. You can build up muscle and strength with PT but you really can’t get tendons and ligaments to get stronger.

I have injections in my Knee every three months and they give me a pain free life  with no pain killers. It varies each time but I know how effective it will be as they inject, the more it hurts the better it will be and the doctor says he can feel the needle going in to inflamed tissue and I say don't I know it but carry on you have hit the right spot. It is sore for a day or two but after that it is a win, win situation with it lasting up to 2 months and then the pain starts coming back so I have to resort to pain killers untill I am allowed another jab, only allowed 3 a year. Injection work's best on the Knee and vary's on other joints but they are well worth a try. They reach there most effective within a week and if they do not work for you then worth trying again as it is important to get it in just the right spot and the ankle is a much smaller joint.

Cortisone steroid shot for dogs

cortisone steroid shot for dogs


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