Cat pancreatitis steroids

Saturday our Boston woke and vomited frequently and we took him to ER vet. Blood work and snap test given likely pancreatitis diagnosis. Given fluids under the skin, cerenia, and sent home with antibiotic, pain meds, probiotic and cerenia. Ate small meal with probiotic and rice on Sunday morning. Was drinking still on his own. Vomited once very late Sunday night/Monday morning. Took back to vet Monday afternoon and given fluids under the skin again today. Stopped drinking on his own around 10 Monday morning. Hasn’t eaten anything since that mean on Sunday. He is back at the vet today for additional blood work, xrays and fluids….this seems to be getting worse. What can we do to help? So distraught.

I was recently diagnosed with pancreatitis. I knew something was wrong with my body when I suddenly felt a very sharp pain running down from my lower chest to my left side (stomach area). The next day the left part of my back started to experience the sharp pain as well. This is where I absolutely knew my body was telling me something. Three and a half days later I went to the medical clinic, drew blood, and took a urine sample, an x-ray and an ultra sound. They diagnosed me with pancreatitis due to consumption of alcohol. This past year I have drank way too much alcohol and I'm a pretty small guy. If anyone out there feels any of these symptoms, don't wait. See a doctor right away!

I was a health, young woman. However an unnecessary distal surgery 18 months ago changed my life. I had pancreas acute attacks after the surgery, scans showed a fluid collection comes and goes in every two months. Dr told me that I don’t need to watch my diet, but i started to have a low fat diet after fifth attacks, it helped. the acute attack stopped but I m now on constant pain. As to the stress, first and second attacks I don’t recall any stress, the third one might be. I know the source of my pancreas daily pain is the surgery, it just no dr for sure how to cure me. Please shed me some light if you know how to treat this issue. Please contact me if you know anyone had a similar story.

Cat pancreatitis steroids

cat pancreatitis steroids


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