Can i overtrain while on steroids

Hey, lee I’ve been following u for a couple of weeks. I like the thing u post ,but do u got information for diabetics. Because, I’ve been trying to lose weight . But tone my upper body and get my legs bigger. So what’s happening to me, after work at 1:00 . I’ll go to the gym and try to workout . But get very dizzy. I’ll eat in the morning and afternoon big meals. Then go to work, where I’ll eat a fruit and drink water during work. My job has me walking a lot and lifting for 8hr . I’ll drink a whey and banana,with cinnamon in it when I get home. I’m thinking on changing to workout only 3 day straight ,mornings Friday,sat,Sundays. Because I don’t see no progress in my toning or my legs,weight either. So I’m looking for a diet,to stop the dizziness or am I working out at the wrong time?

Hey just wondering been losing weight and now have added a fitness regime to help tone up. Problem I'm having is although I'm eating all the right things I'm seeming to put weight on and my muscles have been aching for ages only my thighs the rest have seemed to settle down. I do 30 mins of cardio boxing a day which includes a lot of squats how long of a rest do I need to have between training, is it normal to put on 5lbs in a week when you are already lowered your calorie intake slightly, I'm drinking water, eating protein and the right types of carbs I'm replacing all the sodium and amino acids I need to. Could I be over training and not giving my body enough rest or am I just unknowingly building more muscle than I expected. Also is it best if your muscles do ache from training to still continue the next day or is it best to rest them a few days and train again when the aching stops, just I don't want to put in all the hard work, stop and then have to retrain the muscle again from lack of training- by the way I'm a girl. Thanks

Can i overtrain while on steroids

can i overtrain while on steroids


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