Best t-bol dosage

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Ordered during promo and super glad I did

I recently ran the bomb labs mast prop and honestly be,I've its the best mast I have ever used. I was pinning 80mg eod and within a few hours after every injection I got a big spike in my sex drive. It was to the point I was like a raging animal, I was walking around with half a hard on and needed sex immediately. This happened consistently several hours after every shot. The mast also brought out some nice vascularity, I had more veins in my arms than usual and I got two veins bulging in my mid section. Those veins only come out when I'm real vascular. Luckily for me I don't get any negative sides from mast and never noticed a single hair fall out,

Best t-bol dosage

best t-bol dosage


best t-bol dosagebest t-bol dosagebest t-bol dosage