Bed bug bites steroid cream

i started noticeing lint balls all over my house and i started to look closer and saw a little black speck inside these lint balls.
so, i showed my husband and he said i was crazy, so the one night i was watching t v in bed, i noticed that they were moveing, ever so slightly.
so, i went downstairs to show my husband and again, he said there was nothing there, then my daughter came downstairs and i showed her and still the samething, theres nothing there. (they wanted to have me comitted, to the hospital)
and again, the next night, i saw them again, so i was grabbing little lint balls and putting them inside the ashtray, nat paying attention, i put my cigarette in the ashtray and when i looked over, i saw these straight black bugs coming out, so i tried showing everyone again.
my husnand started to yell and he said the next time i try talking or looking at these things, he was gonna have me locked up. (the best i here)
upon seeing these little black staight bugs comeing out, i noticed when
touching them, they would turn white, then back to black.
(during the day, they won’t move, only at night)
i showed my son and he beleives me now, but nobody else will.

I live in a house with many many people and 2 dogs. I am moving I have noticed there is bedbugs so I have been putting my clothes in trash bags and taking them to the Laundromats and leaving them in a new trash bag at my mothers house till I can move I also put my flatscreen TV in a trash bag at my moms in her garage I am throwing away my bed my tables and plastic dressers away but Im really worried putting all the infested stuff in my car in bags sealed as best as I can get it. Im really worried I could end up getting them in my don’t have alot of money how would I go about treating my car the best way that’s also pretty cheap?

I just realized why my doctors will not diagnose me with this, as I ended up with them all over my body, a few thing I did prior to noticing them, was walk on Alameda CA beach barefoot to relax, prior to a lawsuit, then I lived behind a barber shop in Stocton CA had white sand and tolit paper come up in my drain, never rent a place out without checking out if they have building permits in the first place to even build and I just got back from my dad’s ranch on the border of Mexico. When I finally started feeling things crawling all through me and I felt like I was going to die. The doctors kept on misdiagnosing me with scabies, so I hope there not really contagious, as the US doctors don’t want to pick them out of my hole body. Four years now, I found Albenza works to help, the other medications that actually cure them besides covering them up which I can not do due to having them now everywhere, the US will not let in. One is Ivermectin Lotion then the other thing that works is a drug that can cause death, so on that one I don’t blame the CDC, of FDA for, but not to let the people of the US have Iverectin Cream or a Plant Based cure from Germany is crazy. I have been in pain for four years and the doctors keep sending me home…..stupid USA. Do you know of any doctor in California that’s not lazy and will actually treat me? The Petroleum Jelly works, but it’s a mess everywhere and it’s too painful to put all over the body even with Vicodin still can’t bare it. Help!!!

Bed bug bites steroid cream

bed bug bites steroid cream


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