Antenatal steroids dose

Hi preggies & mums. I'm nearly in tears trying to type this.. I've been on anti acid medication since the age of 19 I'm now 27. I'm 6 weeks pregnant and my doc has taken me off my Altosec 20 (active ingrediant omeprazole) South African tab (I think) anyways I'm not coping! I'm in excruiating pain. I go through 2 liters of milk a day and yogurt gaviscon does nothing for me. I'm struggling to swollow already. Can some1 plz tell me if you took omeprazole from first trimester through to birth and breastfeeding, are you and ur baby safe and normal? Comments will be much appreciated? I'm desperate. Thanks x0x0x0x0x

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    As the condition is more prevalent in black women in the US and the UK, it has been suggested to be an explanation for the higher rate of preterm birth in these populations. It is opined that bacterial vaginosis before or during pregnancy may affect the decidual inflammatory response that leads to preterm birth. The condition known as aerobic vaginitis can be a serious risk factor for preterm labor; several previous studies failed to acknowledge the difference between aerobic vaginitis and bacterial vaginosis, which may explain some of the contradiction in the results. [67]

    Antenatal steroids dose

    antenatal steroids dose


    antenatal steroids doseantenatal steroids doseantenatal steroids doseantenatal steroids doseantenatal steroids dose